Do You want to Change your Life? 
Are you tired of the lack of involvement of women in your country? So this process can really change your life.  Here is WHY:
And in addition, you will be reimbursed if you get married (under certain conditions)

Louis 65 years old

"When I arrived in Ukraine I realized how much easier it was to meet a woman."
Meeting a woman in Ukraine is what they did...
Everyone knows that it is not easy to meet the soul mate with whom to build a long-term relationship...
But no one knows that Eastern Europe is THE SOLUTION to Meet a Serious Woman

Francis, 45 yo
IT director in Montreal, he met Anna (26 years old). They were married in Ukraine and now live in Montreal, Canada
Unlike in Western countries, there is a deficit of men in Eastern Europe with in some situations 2 to 3 single women for every available man.
Jean-Louis 55 yo from Southern France
Sales Director in Toulouse, France. He wanted to meet a beautiful Ukrainian woman in her forties, whose children are already adults.
They live happily in Toulouse.

Grégory 45 yo from Belgium
After losing his job at Carrefour, Grégory, a Belgian man who lives in Liège, registered with the CQMI Agency in 2017. He met Vita on the occasion of the May 2017 group trip to Kiev

Imagine yourself standing next to a Slavic woman
  •  who likes to take care of you
  •  who is beautiful and feminine
  •  You'll make people jealous!
You have concerns....
we have the answers!
  • Will I get ripped off? - The Women Registered on the CQMI Agency website have gone through a Rigorous Selection Process at 3 levels of control. In addition, my wife Boryslava personally meets each member of our site. 
  • How long to bring her to my country? - This really depends of the motivation of the men and women involved. In Canada, this is quite easy to make a Tourist Visa to invite her to your Country. We recommend to take your time and make some rational decisions.
  • How much money should be planned? - In France, Hervé earns €1,500 a month and he met Tamara in Odessa. They are now in a relationship. In Canada, Roberto, earning 35,000 CAD made the whole process successfully.
  • How can I communicate with A Woman Who Does Not Speak English? - We have noticed that there is no link between the ability to speak a common language and the ability to understand each other at the love level. If language were a criterion, why would there be divorce rates of more than 60% in Western countries? In addition, as part of the Process, we provide translation tools (Google Translate, Skype Translator) to facilitate exchanges. Your assistant will also be a major asset for the meeting in Ukraine. 
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